Motherwort Essence is an important herb traditionally used to maintain female reproductive health. It regulates menstruation by activating blood circulation, preventing blood clots from forming and inducing diuresis. Because of its properties, it is mainly used to treat irregular menstruation and to help the womb contracts.

The XIN JI YUAN Sanitary Napkins has a negative ion core that continuously releases negative ions. When used over a long period of time, it improves micro-circulation, ‘qi’ circulation, detoxifies while ensuring the uterine lining is properly shed; it also has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to calm tensed nerves and to restore balance to the micro-environment of the body.

The XIN JI YUAN Sanitary Napkins features a negative ion core, an anti-bacterial fibre that emits far infrared rays, a magnetic element that improves micro-circulation and pure motherwort extract. Besides having no side effects, the perfect synergy of these elements pampers every woman during their menstrual period, helping them stay dry, comfortable and healthy!

6 features of XIN JI YUAN Sanitary Napkins, which differentiate it from competition:

  1. Negative ions with far infrared rays + anti-bacterial magnetic core.
  2. Enriched with motherwort extract that is extracted using super critical extraction technology.
  3. Ultra-absorbent top layer instantly absorbs fluid and moisture, to keep you dry.
  4. Traps fluid effectively to keep you dry and comfortable.
  5. Highly breathable backing to maintain freshness.
  6. Inflammation test paper that gives fast and effective result.

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