5 Elements of Health and Balance

Perhaps the greatest gift from the ancient Chinese culture to the world is the 5,000-year-old principles of life called the 5 Elements. Based on the understanding that a harmonious interrelationship exists among all aspects of nature and the physical world, this tenet translates impeccably into many of the ideals espoused by modern day medicine, science, philosophy and art.

It’s all about balance! By definition, each of the 5 Elements has its own governing physical influence, as well as inherent strengths and weaknesses that create constantly shifting, dynamic relationships between the environment and living beings. The elements complement and validate each other both physically and energetically, and ultimately reflect a structure in our cosmos that is essential to the efficient functioning of all life. When harmonious and balanced, the 5 Elements manifest in the human body, mind and emotions as well-being, vitality, stability and longevity.

The ancient healing tradition of the 5 Elements teaches us that each energetic sphere, or “element,” also correlates to aspects of the human body. In terms of health, nutrition and body balancing, each element and its corresponding organs can be supported by understanding the proper use of specific herbs, foods and medicines that work best with them. Alphay’s product line combines the timeless value of ancient Chinese herbs, highly refined pharmaceutical-grade formulations and innovative scientific technologies to create solutions to specific health challenges that many of us face every day. Each formula is prepared based on traditional 5 Elements principles, as well as Western wellness considerations.