Products Magnetic Synergy: Whole Body Energy Support

Alphay Synergy products are firmly grounded in the 5 Elements of Health and Balance, and made of materials that complement the body’s natural ability to adapt and rejuvenate itself. Synergy products incorporate refined magnetic, ultra-modern negative ion and far infrared technologies rooted in physical science.


Products Eco-Functional Bedding: Miss Ying Signature Bedding

The Art and Science of Sleep

Wrap yourself in the beauty and warmth of the Miss Ying Signature Bedding Collection. Leading-edge technologies have enabled Alphay to create a unique material that is all natural, eco-friendly and luxuriously silky and soft. Cocooned in this extraordinary sleep environment of pure comfort, you will enjoy the benefits of the negative-ion and far-infrared emitting combination of bamboo charcoal and chitin. Generous concentrations of these two functional materials are woven into the fabric to safely and naturally insulate body heat, eliminate odor and regulate moisture. Miss Ying Signature Bedding is anti-bacterial, anti-mold, anti-mite and anti-static and remain intact even after repeated washes.

The Miss Ying Signature Bedding Collection supports your need for deep, restorative, and sensual sleep. Once you try it, your sleep will never be the same.

Synergy Deep Sleep Eye Mask

The rejuvenating power of magnets

Synergy Deep Sleep Eye Masks are crafted using Alphay’s exceptional, all-natural “thermostatic” fabrics, helping you look and feel younger. To support deeper relaxation, the mask uses magnetic technology cushioned in the same fabric used in our Miss Ying functional bedding. Bamboo charcoal and chitin with negative-ion and far-infrared properties are woven into the fabric, enhancing the mask’s benefits.

  • Sleep with Greater Ease and Comfort
  • Awake Feeling Rested, Refreshed, Rejuvenated

Synergy Gemsoles

The only insoles that combine 3 energies:

Unique, magnetic field, far infrared and negative ions.Spherical and randomly angled magnets, far infrared energy and negative ions from tourmaline crystals synergistically combine to produce these actions:

  1. Enhance flow and blood circulation; increase oxygenation and promote tissue healing; energize cells
  2. Strengthened structural balance; increased flexibility; greater endurance
  3. Increase comfort; maintain overall vitality; address discomfort in bones, joints and muscles