We believe that health is your greatest wealth. That’s why we have a passion for creating a superior line of nutritional and lifestyle products to help others achieve optimal health. And yet we understand that having a joyful, balanced life includes financial prosperity, as well. Alphay’s income opportunity offers individuals the choice to create wealth and financial stability, while having the freedom and flexibility to enjoy work-life balance. With an abundance of network marketing opportunities out there to choose from, why align with Alphay? Read below to learn more.

The Right Products
Mushrooms are harbingers of the next huge wave in the health and wellness industry. Why? These gifts of nature have the highest concentrations of polysaccharides and other bio-active ingredients of any living substance on earth. These natural compounds are responsible for the mushroom’s ability to support nearly every function in the human body.

The Right Emerging Market
With such an impressive list of health benefits, it’s no wonder that polysaccharides, triterpenes and other “signaling substances” are quickly emerging as the next powerhouse in the nutritional sciences field—similar to how antioxidant research led to a proliferation of products containing these molecular superfoods, as well the creation of numerous lucrative markets for these products. The major shift in research towards polysaccharides in the natural foods and nutritional supplements industries points directly at both edible and medicinal mushrooms.

The Right Company
Alphay is uniquely poised to ride the polysaccharides wave because if we know anything, we know mushrooms. As a leading supplier of Lingzhi and other edible mushrooms, we are already an international giant in the edible mushroom industry. This makes us strategically positioned to lead the way, and we are ready to hold that mantle even higher now with our global expansion plan in place to open 20 to 30 new markets worldwide within the next five years. When you partner with Alphay, you join hands with a worldwide network of heart-based Members in an established, financially stable company.

The Right Leadership
At Alphay’s helm is compassionate, integrity-based leadership that cares more about the growth and success of its individual Members than making a profit. We walk our talk by offering a generous, flexible and progressive compensation plan that allows our Members to generate lucrative, lifelong income. Alphay’s management team is a group of visionary entrepreneurs who think big and back it up with a practical plan for strategic, global expansion while providing unmatched, individualized Member support.

There is no better time than this moment to join us!