I grew up in a family that has cultivated medicinal mushrooms for many generations. I credit my father, Tingzhang Chen, with being the true founder of Alphay. Beginning in the 1950s, his passion for the science of cultivating medicinal herbs and mushrooms led him to become known as one of the most esteemed experts in the field of mycology. His concern for and support of the local farmers and villagers instilled in me lessons about how to live and labor from the heart, as well as the intellect. My father’s innate “powered by heart” philosophy of compassion and caring for others-along with being a good steward of the environment-still permeates our company to this day. It is with the desire to extend his philosophy to the entire world that the direct sales arm of Alphay was founded in China in October 2002. After being the 21st company to be granted a direct selling license in China, I felt prepared to launch Alphay’s global marketing initiative. I also realized that to accomplish this, we needed to become a North American-based company. This journey started in 2011.

Alphay is the 5 Elements Company. With reverence for my family and a great dedication to serving others, I created a 21st Century Company with deep roots in an ancient, time-honored system of restoring and maintaining balance in the body, mind and spirit. Known as the 5 Elements of Health, all of our products are formulated upon this handful of precious elements that enhance the natural rhythm and flow among human beings and the environment. Our products bridge the gap between ancient, holistic wellness formulas and modern medical technology. At the core of our unique formulations is one of the most treasured and revered natural ingredients ever to be utilized since ancient times: the Lingzhi mushroom, affectionately known as the “herb of longevity and immortality.” And, we stay consistently true to our environmentally conscious mindset throughout the harvesting, formulation and manufacturing process, leaving a low-carbon footprint and using only by-products that have zero waste emissions.

When you choose to build an Alphay business, you are collaborating with a vision that I have held close to my heart for many years: to provide a special vehicle for uplifting humanity, particularly in these challenging times. You are also joining forces with one of the largest and most established companies in the edible mushroom industry. This ambitious global expansion plan will only be accomplished, however, with help from you and those with whom you share this vision. All of us at Alphay have a shared purpose: to offer you the highest quality, most balanced nutrition available in the world, and to support you in creating the type of financial abundance that is exactly right for you.